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Catalog > Spunky Spiders Sneakers

Spunky Spiders Sneakers
Spunky Spiders Sneakers
#MT Spider Spunky Spiders Sneakers

Spunky as can be, that's me!  I spend my time weaving webs of whimsy.  I'm quite funny too!  I just love to spring from dark spaces and scare the daylights out of those I pounce on. 


Monkey-Toes come in children's sizes 1 through 10 for the little ones. However, we tend to run a bit big, so please refer to our Sizing Chart before ordering us.

Shoe Care
Even though I am hand painted, with non-toxic paint, it is preferable that I not be chewed on. It hurts! I can be worn outside, even on rainy days. I just ask that you wipe me off with a damp cloth instead of placing me in that dreadful washing machine.

Because I am uniquely hand-painted, it takes a bit of time to bring me to life, so please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

Size Age
1 6-9 mos.
2 9-12 mos.
3 12-18 mos.
4 18-24 mos.
5 24-30 mos.
6 30-36 mos.
7 36-42 mos.
8 42-48 mos.
9 48-54 mos.
10 54-58 mos.

You can also ensure the correct fit by measuring your Childs existing shoe.

Size Shoe Length (Outside Toe to Heal) in Inches
1 4 1/2"
2 4 3/4"
3 5 1/4"
4 5 1/2"
5 5 3/4"
6 6 1/4"
7 6-1/2"
8 6-3/4"
9 7 1/4"
10 7 1/2"

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